Alexandra Sivanicova

Alexandra Sivanicova is a Slovak artist and graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. She's always had a passion for creating, and after graduating from the Academy of Performing Arts with a Master's degree, she began her career as a graphic designer, moving to one of the world's most beautiful historical cities, Vienna. It is an inspiring metropolis with magnificent historical architecture and art, her greatest inspirations. During her travels in Europe, she found inspiration in the grand museums of Florence, Venice, London, Paris, Vienna and Dresden, and the timeless beauty of the old masterpieces enthused her to keep expanding her artistic horizons. After spending some time in Florence, Italy, at the Florence Classical Art Academy, where her love of Italian Renaissance art was fostered, Alexandra began to experiment with Old Master painting techniques. She draws inspiration from everyday life, from the people she meets, the places she lives in, the books she reads, from traveling extensively. She loves to experiment with different mediums and techniques. She likes to compare her art to everyday life: each day is different and brings with it something new, like her diverse artwork, whether oil painting, gouache, digital illustration, alla prima or abstract painting. She enjoys the freedom of the creative process, being it painting or designing.

“Inspiration is right in front of me. I don’t have to make anything up. Painting allows me to breathe my subjects into being, which is at the same time thrilling and brings enormous gratitude. I always try to keep my artwork as personal as possible! I believe that an artwork should not be explained, that it should ask questions rather than give answers! For me art is something that happens inside the person who is creating or viewing; it is not a product or an object, it is an experience!“